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Braurer HouseOut of his mindful imagination streamed beautiful designs overflowing onto every conceivable landscape like cascading waters carving indelible marks on the earth's terrain. Adapting his architectural work to features of natural beauty, Frank Lloyd Wright worked with simple materials - wood, masonry, glass, copper, concrete, steel - always minimizing their use, but exploiting their physical properties well beyond ordinary limits accepted by other architects around the world.

New looks in his designs incorporated the shapes of hexagons, octagons and semi-circles, which served to extend living space beyond the usual boundaries of more typical square and rectangular shaped rooms and houses. In addition, the main roofs and dormers created by Wright shared distinctive triangular shapes with wider overhangs and eaves, with central fireplaces and large chimney masses. House plans usually showed multiple-bedrooms with the largest possible living space realized by allowing the living room, dining room, reception room and terrace to flow together.

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