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Even though Wright was born 15 years after Froebel's death, his mother Anna during an historic visit to Philadelphia in 1876 would clinch a powerful, ever-lasting connection between two original thinkers and innovators of the nineteenth century. The link between Germany's school master and America's master architect was fixed and well defined once Frank Lloyd Wright during his teen years discovered in nature's leaves, flowers, fruits and weeds of the Midwest landscape on his uncle's farm in Wisconsin the geometric and crystallite-like patterns devised by Freidrich Froebel.

Geoform As a young lad, Wright uncovered the essence of nature - seen as simple geometric forms discovered and invented as a child under the guidance of his mother in Froebel's Kindergarten. The spheres, triangles, squares, hexagons and octagons that found their way into his thinking, and his earliest architectural drawings between 1886 and 1893, sprang directly from nature identical in shape and angular structure of crystals studied by Froebel in 1814.

Wright was among the first generation of American children to be schooled in Froebel's Kindergarten. In 1876 when Anna Wright visited the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, her family was living near Boston where several English-speaking kindergartens had been established between 1860 and 1874. In addition, publications written in English describing Froebel's methods were available as early as 1869, which very likely became known to Anna after her family moved to Massachusetts in 1870 when her son was three years old.

At the same time, a local Froebel Society existed in Boston, which promoted training programs for teachers, mothers and nurses. With the upstart of Froebel's Kindergarten classes for young children coupled with a newly identified need for a strong educational movement in America, Anna recognized the importance of providing her son with the best education available at the time.

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