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Frank Lloyd Wright at the Drawing Table

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Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (1782-1852) created German Kindergarten by mimicking crystallite structures that occur naturally in the form of solids, with identifiable planes, lines and points. Shapes and angles of specific chemical compounds produce patterns reflective of crystal growth and development.

Fluorite CrystalFroebel's Kindergarten was designed to follow the same geometric progression that unifies all living things according to universal laws of Nature. As learning activities, Kindergarten Gifts and Occupations, as conceived by Froebel, can mimic most anything that can be seen, imagined, thought-out, manipulated and created by the mind.

The natural geometric progression of Froebel's "playthings" provided Frank Lloyd Wright with a novel perspective, framework and approach to view architecture as a way of thinking and finding solutions to human societal problems.

Fundamental shapes and angles found in Wright's earliest architectural renderings paved the way for exploration and study that can be traced back to beginnings in Froebel's Kindergarten taught by a savvy and well-informed mother.

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