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In the Cooper House, a rectangular-shaped veranda with semi-circular steps projects forward from the pentagon-shaped library. On the opposite side of the great hall an upper-level pentagon-shaped sitting room with large half-octagon-shaped windows facing in opposite directions and a half-octagon-shaped fireplace angles off at 135 degrees. A rectangular-shaped bedroom containing a half-octagon-shaped fireplace extends from the sitting room at a 135-degree angle exposed to the outside through an octagon-shaped casement window.

Frank Lloyd Wright at 9 A rectangle-shaped wing behind the upper level sitting room and adjacent to the hall opens into an octagon-shaped stairwell which leads to a balcony overlooking the great hall and an entrance to the sitting room. The rectangle-shaped wing also contains two semi-circular-shaped fireplaces at the corners of the back walls. To the front of the sitting room is a spiraled staircase enclosed in a circular-shaped tower toward the front of the house, which leads from the bedroom to the upper story sitting room.

Here was an intelligent, young man barely twenty years of age in his very first rendering showing promise as a talented architect, who took fundamental shapes and angles of Froebel's Kindergarten Gifts and Occupations and molded them into a highly integrated, artistic expression of natural beauty.

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