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Kindergarten Gifts always lead to discovery while Occupations pave the way for invention - yet neither can be accomplished to a high level of excellence without the other. As a totally integrated system of learning, Froebel's Kindergarten furnishes the provisions and conditions required for children to excel - with precision, accuracy and understanding.


The Kindergarten Gifts and Occupations are uniquely bound through clear, unsparing and well-conceived exercises originating in ground-forms, or starting points, to initiate activities for thoughtful learning and to involve, train and coordinate the eyes, hands and mind of every child. Without discovery, invention is impossible since discovery leads to creative thinking and originality of thought.

The naivete see Froebel's Kindergarten usually in terms of isolated exercises. For example: wood cubes without linking the intricacies of block play to the other Gifts and Occupations. In other words, the true meaning of the Small Divided Cube and Modeling Clay, as the embodiment of the solid, cannot be meaningfully understood and appreciated until children investigate the Parquet Tiles and Paper Cutting, as the embodiment of the plane; or Sticks and Sewing, as the embodiment of the line; or Dots and Perforations, as the embodiment of the point.

Like in the fine arts, each Kindergarten Gift and Occupation contributes to a unified aesthetic quality - Unity. The same highly desirable effect commonly found in works of art produced by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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