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Members of the Mason City Study Group are currently and have been for several years interested in learning about Froebel's Kindergarten and its influence on Frank Lloyd Wright. A personal request by Joanne Hardinger whether I could provide a short course, perhaps of an hour or so, on the workings of Froebel'sKindergarten was received.

Joanne wondered when my next workshop would be presented, since she was willing to travel to Indiana. I responded that I was interested, but if she wanted to be schooled in the subject, it would take more than a single sit-down session.

I suggested that while I was attending the 2012 Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy Annual Meeting in Mason City I would meet with her and others to introduce them to Froebel's Kindergarten. The challenge was to consult with them "long-distance" for as long as it took and for as long as the members were interested.

We agreed. In many sessions since then, plenty of hands-on learning has taken place. Training continues to be on-going.

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