Froebel's Kindergarten
Mason City Study Group
Moving On

Joanne reported, "We spent our time each at our own pace making the transformations of squares, right-angled isosceles triangles (half-squares), and equilateral triangles.
"One can't 'mess up' with squares too easily because the angles and length of sides don't change no matter which way you turn them, but not so with half squares!
"One has to pay closer attention to make all opposites sides the same when making the beauty or symmetrical forms with half-squares because they have two different angles and lengths of sides, and before you know it for example one of the 'branches' will end with a rhomboid instead of a triangle or vice versa."
The Study Group was busy with the first set of transformations. While working they commented that they liked this or that design and took time to share with each other what their own glued-down designs reminded them of.

July 2, 2013
Bob McCoy, Joanne Hardinger, Pat Schultz, and Peggy Bang

A Frank Lloyd Wright Save Is A Froebel's Kindergarten Save

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