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Friedrich Froebel saw in nature the perfect replica for German Kindergarten (Children's Garden) with its geometric crystallite forms lying at the heart of human learning and understanding. Frank Lloyd Wright saw in trees, branches, vines, leaves, flowers and fruits the essential elements of life as geometric patterns - dotted lines (points) giving way to straight and curved lines enclosing spaces, thereby creating two-dimensional planes and three dimensional bodies (solids).

Fluorite CrystalWright observed, recognized,and described the essence of nature - in terms of simple geometric forms first discovered and invented as a child under the watchful eyes and helpful hands of his mother in Froebel's Kindergarten.

He came to know (discovered) the essential elements of nature and ways to organize them in his mind, always prior to committing novel ideas to the drafting board most often as simple, abstract drawings.

As a Master Architect, Wright created (invented) from the simplest elements of nature, elaborate renderings for buildings complete with finished interior and exterior spaces featuring built-in furniture, tables, chairs, lights, rugs, fireplaces, windows, beds, accent pieces, linens, in addition to beautiful floors, walls, ceilings, landscapes, gardens, and terraces.

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