Froebel's Kindergarten
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Pat's design made of equilateral triangles using two different colors is quite fascinating. For fun, as shown to the left, Pat has a "chocolate fountain".
The enclosed spaces of chocolate are pumped out at the top, filling the page.
In the middle, when turned horizontally, we see two kissing fish.
However, note the many triangles one sees by connecting the lines: there are overlapping ones of two yellow at the top and two purple on the bottom;
with two larger triangles at the points in the center, and lots of 120 angles!
Also, note the two enclosed trapezoids and the enclosed rhombus (all sides being equal in length) in the center.
To the right, Pat's design using eight hald-squares of contrasting colors is a warrior's shield!
It is intimidating with those two five-sided, red framed "eyes"!

July 2, 2013
Bob McCoy, Joanne Hardinger, Pat Schultz, Peggy Bang

A Frank Lloyd Wright Save Is A Froebel's Kindergarten Save
A Froebel Save Is Like A Frank Lloyd Wright Save

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