Froebel's Kindergarten
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Going by the Kindergarten Guide, Joanne, Gretchen, Christi and Pat started by making mulitples of the pieces on their own...realizing what a valuable math tool Gift Six could be.

For starters, the parts are desribed as: 18 bricks; 12 caps (half-bricks); 6 pillars (half-bricks).
The Guide says that "the same rules apply as in the foregoing three (3, 4, 5) Gifts to study the relations of the new parts to one another, as well as to the whole."

To the left are the parts divided equally into six groupings that show relationships between 1 pillar : 2 caps : 3 bricks.

While playing with Gift Six, the group took special notice how layouts of the blocks tend to speak for themselves. Meaning that it is easier to "see" relationshps among the shapes of the three pieces - much easier than describing them!

October 21 2014
Joanne Hardinger, Pat Schultz, Gretchen King, Christi Pearson

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