Froebel's Kindergarten
Mason City Study Group

Joanne in her notes began: "Gift Six is the exact overall size as Gift Five, but inside we see cute columns and candy sized square 'caps' both of which are half in mass of the cubes...we counted 6 of the columns and 12 of the 'caps' and 18 oblongs (like in Gift Four), which have the same mass as a cube, but we have no cubes!"

She also noted, no slanted lines...only right angles. Laying all 36 pieces flat, the blocks cover 54 square inches on the Kindergarten Grid.

She added, "Now we can play with the various ways to make factors of 54." Some of the combinations are shown here.

September 9, 2014
Pat Schultz, Joanne Hardinger and Gretchen King

A Frank Lloyd Wright Save Is A Froebel's Kindergarten Save

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