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Child Play

German Kindergarten


Through child-play, children manipulate Froebel's Kindergarten Gifts and Occupations to create Nature, Knowledge and Beauty Forms. The Nature Forms depict things that can be seen in the natural world, such as, buildings, tables, sofas, stars, boats, dogs and trees. Knowledge Forms represent mathematical and logical ideas, such as, number, proportion, equivalence and order.  Beauty Forms are arranged on grids exhibiting symmetry, balance and pattern, and viewed as works of art.

      Nature Form - Sofa / TableNature Form                             Knowledge Form - "Lauren"Knowledge Form

            Beauty Form - Art Glass DesignBeauty Form                        Nature, Knowledge and Beauty Forms, when created by children portray the essence of Froebel's educational method. Self-expression and free play, within certain parameters developed by Froebel for the introduction of the Gifts and Occupation Material, lead to the construction of products based on straightforward rules and the simplest conditions for learning.

Children create unlimited numbers and kinds of Nature, Knowledge and Beauty Forms. Anything a child can imagine, the child may create using such things as blocks, tiles, sticks, rings, threads, needles, pencils, paper strips, peas and wires and clay of the Gifts and Occupations. The possibilities for learning are far-reaching and unique to each child; all initiated and stimulated by a one-of-a-kind set of "play things".

Child Play
German Kindergarten     Learning Forms

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