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German Kindergarten


Frank Lloyd Wright spoke confidently about the influence that Froebel's Gifts and Occupations had on his architecture and graphic art work. Froebel's Kindergarten is a comprehensive education program filled with diverse, yet highly integrated exercises, and Wright's reference to them as a youngster leaves little doubt that he had seriously studied upward to twelve of the twenty-four kinds of Gifts and Occupations eventually integrating Kindergarten design methods and principles into his life-long work.

KyleThe German Kindergarten experienced in 1876 as a nine-year old boy consisted of a series of multiple exercises of Gifts and Occupations. The genius of Frank Lloyd Wright thrived on the curriculum-rich series of hands-on learning where he could visualize and study spatial relationships using geometrically shaped objects that were manipulated on proportionally scaled grid-topped tables.

Kindergarten Gifts are given to children, played with and returned to their original forms with the exception of a few, which may be saved and displayed in albums. Occupations are modified into new and creative forms, prized by the children usually in albums, and sometimes given as gifts to others.

Child Play
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