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The life and legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright is a testament to his ingenuity, creativity and perseverance of life-changing experiences including personal loss, grief, and failure, all balanced by his ultimate notoriety, high level of success and lasting happiness. As a world-renown architect, he never failed to surprise experts and novices alike with his futuristic, innovative solutions and techniques for designing buildings totally integrated and blended with natural environments.

Frank Lloyd Wright at 9 As a young child, his mother enriched his life with drawings and literature depicting the great Cathedrals of England. In her home, she prepared and taught learning activities believed to promote originality of thought and self-reliance. By the time Wright was in his early teens, he had developed a devout appreciation for Nature by observing and photographing its diverse and unifying patterns and intricacies of design and beauty.

Ironically, European buildings never gained favor with the famous architect, instead he utilized a novel design-method that proved at least in his mind to be the pure antagonist of European-inspired art form.

In doing so, for nearly 150 years since his birth in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright has provided scholars, writers, admirers and practitioners with what seems to be endless life episodes filled with intrigue, independence, mystery and truth.

Beginning in 1886 at age 19 in Chicago and ending 72 years later in 1959 at age 91 at Taliesin West, the man who was destined to become the world's greatest architect reached back into his childhood to find a rare combination of learning experiences that piqued his curiosty, interests and abilities.

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