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The RCSHP Froebel Study Group was smaller for their second meeting, but Bob McCoy and Joanne Hardinger were delighted that Holly Brinkman participated with her nine-month old daughter, Savianna. Attention was centered on the exploration of the three primary forms of Gift Two: Sphere, Cylinder and Cube.
Bob and Joanne shared their enthusiasm for the Froebel curriculum with Holly for an hour, while the baby sat on the table and played with the wooden ball, then the cube and lastly the cylinder.
The child's activity met our objective to review Gift 2, with the bonus to observe a baby at play.
While the adults continued their studies,Savianna was given a wooden ball which she held in her hand, then to her mouth. Given another wooden ball, she seemed entertained for a good 20 minutes, before Joanne gently pulled the spheres from her hands, to give her a wooden cube, which she held, and went immediately to her mouth, and even chewed on the corners.
She did not appear to be as comfortable playing with the sharper edged cube, so Joanne gave her a wooden cylinder; which was easier to hold, and had a circular edge for her teeth. She enjoyed playing with it for a while.

The Froebel Study Group continued its journey on Jan. 9th, 2013.
The participants met at the Robert E. McCoy Architectural Interpretive Center
associated with the Stockman House and the River City Society for Historic Preservation.

A Frank Lloyd Wright Save Is A Froebel's Kindergarten Save

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